Why Kokedama's are so beneficial?

Why Kokedama's are so beneficial?

We know many of the benefits that our indoor plants can provide us. For example, inside our homes and offices, we always breathe in harmful toxins. This is due to many components attached to furniture, paintings, and other objects. Plants reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins we inhale. They filter the air to help us breathe fresher and less polluted air. Some specific plants, like the 'Peace Lilly' or Spathiphyllum, are great at absorbing mold so it's highly recommended for placing in bathrooms that get little filtered sunlight.

But the Kokedamas have more benefits. A moss ball requires much less maintenance. All require indirect sunlight or bright light. They are watered once a week and the same moss has the ability to add essential nutrients to the plant so that it stays alive and healthy.

If you are a beginner and you think you cannot keep your plants alive, the best recommendation is to start with a Kokedama and experience the beautiful process of caring for an indoor plant.

Let's also remember that the energy that we put into the plant is also very important. All the good that we give our plants will be returned.

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Peace! 🌿✨

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