About Us

After moving from my birthplace Puerto Rico, I started experiencing a lot of anxiety. Since I was born, I have grown up with a big connection with nature and was disconnected for a few years, getting a lot of anxiety. That was the reason I started to introduce plants into my life again and my anxiety was reduced significantly. I decided to turn my therapy against anxiety and help others with everything I’ve learned.

Developing this project, I realized that without plants it is not possible to live. Nature is necessary for every human being. Plants will help us breath fresh air, relax us, remove toxins from air and more.

In this platform you’ll find all the houseplants that will beneficiate you the most.

Mission: To bring a positive impact to our emotional and physical health through indoor plants. Through my project I offer to improve people’s well-being because every plant has a purpose.

Vision: Terra Pots wants to become your ally to create a better lifestyle and help you create your own ecosystem within your home or office. Educate clients about the care and benefits of plants.

Values: Harmony, peace, purification, green spaces, mental health, nature, art, wellness.

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